by bunnyrabbit

It is a good thing to cleanse your home from time to time. Harmful energies can build up even when your home life is not particularly stressful. Little things build up and can cause an accumulation of harmful energies and affect not only your daily life but your worship and magics as well. Also, energies can enter your home, be them helpful or harmful, unless you have shielded your home from that which you don’t want to enter. So here are a few tips to not only cleanse your home but to protect it from those harmful energies, as well as blessing it.

Cleansing your home

  1. Smudge your home. This can be easily done with sage, but I’ve used copal, bay leaves and lavender too. Be sure to start by opening your windows and your doors a bit to let the harmful energies leave the home. Don’t smoke up your home excessively, for one thing it’s not good for you to breathe too much of the smoke and for another you don’t want to set off your smoke alarm. Be sure also to start at the farthest point from the front door and work in a clockwise pattern in each room toward that front door. Don’t forget to do the closets and all the corners. Burning a white and a black candle during this rite can also be helpful. As you walk through your home, say words like:

“I cleanse and rid my home of all that is harmful”.

  1. I keep a fairly large piece of amethyst geode pretty much in the center of my home. It absorbs the harmful energies in my home. But there are other stones and objects you can use. Just be sure to cleanse the object once a month. A salt water bath works great though there are several other ways of doing it, including passing it through the smoke of sage or other herb. You won’t have to soak it long. Just be sure to rinse it off before putting it back where you wish to keep it. Also, be careful to not set your amethyst in direct sunlight as it will fade if exposed to direct sunlight. Remember that not all items, stones or others, can be immersed into water. If in doubt then smudging it works great.
  1. Another thing you can do to help keep the harmful energies out of the home is to keep two baskets by your front door outside. One empty and the other with some stones in it. River or plain stones will work just fine. Don’t spend a bunch of money for these stones. Just pick some up off the ground and wash them off a bit. Put a sign by the baskets that say something like:

“take a stone and put your harmful energies into it and drop it into the other basket”.

This way they leave those unwanted energies outside. Just cleanse the stones from time to time so you can reuse them.

Protecting your home

Next you can construct a barrier to prevent the harmful and unwanted energies from entering your home. Both ways presented here are done after you have cleansed your home.

1. You can construct a bubble or shield that surrounds your home. This can be a clear bubble or one with color to it. It doesn’t matter which you use. Just imagine this bubble or shield that will only let the helpful energies in. Don’t forget to allow for light and air to be able to enter as well as your friends and family. Just rebuild it once a month. The Full Moon is a good time, but you can do it during the Waning Moon too.

2. Another type of shielding you can do, and this is my favorite, is to sprinkle a bit of salt, I prefer sea salt, but any salt will work, across all outside doorways and window sills. Use only a very light sprinkling. You don’t need a solid line of salt. I start in the east room and work my way through the home in a clockwise manner. While you do this say words that gives your intent that nothing but the helpful and good can enter. This was the first spell work that I was taught and it’s very effective.

Blessing your home

Lastly, I like to bless my home. This is not hard to do at all. Take a blessing oil and put less than a drop of it on your finger and on each wall, window and door, draw a pentagram, or any symbol you wish to use, while saying words of a blessing chant, like:

“I bless this home with all that is good from the Goddess and God”.

Start in the east and work your way through your home in a clockwise direction. Don’t forget your front and back doors.

These are not the only ways to cleanse, protect and bless your home. Look up the subject in books or the internet for other ideas if you wish.