Understanding Empaths – Part 1 (work in progress)

Welcome, one and all, to Sacred Paths! My name is Alicia. You will often find me in the Occultus chat #sacredpaths under this name or something of the like. I’m sometimes also under the screen name Allycat or MissPanda. I am an eclectic Luciferian energist. Among those things, I am also an empath. (If you wish to know more about the other bits, let me know and I will discuss with BluDragyn, the site creator, about writing another blog about it.) This is the first in a series of posts about empaths, their skills, talents, and what they can or cannot do in the hopes of helping those who wish to understand what an empath is. Of course, I am no expert on the matter, but being one myself and trying to learn how to better my skills I have quite a bit of experience and am always looking to push the boundaries of my skill. So, without further ado, here’s part one.

Simply put, an empath is a person with the innate ability to sense, understand, and project emotion on a scientific and spiritual level. They are not psychics as psychics are strictly mental whereas empaths are emotional. A psychic, in theory, can read your thoughts, your past, and in some cases your habits. An empath reads your emotions and emotional state at any given time. We can develop skills that are similar, but only if they’re related to a person’s emotions.

In most cases, being an empath is something a person is generally born with. However, some people can learn to become one, the catch being it’ll be far more difficult for someone not born an empath to learn the skills and talents that someone who is born as such tends to learn quickly. It is impossible to teach an empath how to use their skills as learning how to use one’s empathic traits and abilities is nothing like learning how to use magic or write or cast spells. These “powers” rely on one’s own emotional energy as well as the energy of all living things throughout the world and even the universe. Because of this, empaths typically have to better themselves on their own. Now, one may give suggestions and tell you things that you can try in order to help better yourself, but there can be no real teaching because each empath develops differently, which is why it’s pretty much impossible.

Being an empath doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a witch or a pagan or anything of the sort. You can follow any path and be an empath. It isn’t a discipline or an art (although it takes a great deal of practice to learn how to use your skills). Rather it’s a sense of being, or a sixth sense. Some call it a super power. Some call it a paranormal phenomenon. It is simply something that every living thing, human or non, is capable of being to some degree. Those born under the term “empath” are just people who are more in tune with this sensitivity towards emotion and the energies it produces. So, to reiterate, empathy is not a practice, nor is it a belief system. It’s simply a trait.

If you Google the definition of empathy, the first thing you see is: “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” Not to be confused with “sympathy,” which is when a person feels pity or remorse for someone, empathy is when you put yourself in another person’s shoes, when you walk in someone else’s footsteps, or when you see through another person’s eyes. When you are feeling empathetic towards someone, you know what they are feeling because you are feeling the same way. Instead of feeling sorry for someone, you feel like you know where they are coming from and so your emotions (whether they be positive or negative) mimic theirs. For an empath that doesn’t know what they are or why this happens, this is a daily occurrence, and instead of feeling the emotions of maybe just one or two people at a time they’re capable of sensing emotion from hundreds, if not thousands, of people at once and over great distances if they have not learned how to shield themselves from the outside world.

Imagine you’re at the grocery store on a busy day. As you’re trudging through the aisles looking for the things you need on your grocery list, wave upon wave of emotional energy is hitting you, and it’s coming from every single person inside that store and out in the parking lot. Customers are getting frustrated because lines are backing up, and many of them have places they need to be and things to do. Employees are feeling overwhelmed with stress as they rush to get people through and items paid for. Arguments are being had between employees and customers, or just between shoppers. Young children are throwing tantrums because their parents won’t buy something they feel they desperately need or by gods they’ll die if they don’t get it. There’s just been an accident out in the parking lot and the owners of the vehicles are having a screaming match. Now officers have shown up to try to calm the two people to get the situation settled. All of these negative emotions are hitting you one after another after another filling you up to your boiling point until you feel you will either scream, go mad, or burst into a fit of tears. You are now having a bad anxiety attack and it’s all because you are empathetic to what others are feeling. To an empath who is unable to keep their own emotional state balanced, this is something that they are forced to live with every second of their lives.

To someone that isn’t an empath, it’s difficult to comprehend feeling so many different emotions coming from so many people at once. It almost seems unreasonable and more like a curse rather than a gift (a topic that is up for debate). However, being empathic is more than just feeling emotions as if they’re your own. Often, when an empath is in the presence of someone who is depressed or sad (and this is where the mysticism comes in), they will feed off of and absorb that negative emotional energy while projecting positive energy back at the person in an attempt to lift that individual’s spirits. If someone is angry, an empath may project calmness and peacefulness. If someone is terrified, then they will send courage. If someone is in pain, they will send what they can to ease the person’s suffering.

Returning to the grocery store example, while you are feeling all of these different emotions from all of these people, you absorb all of the negative energy fluctuating throughout the store which in turn makes you feel as though everything you’ve been sensing is your own emotional stress. In response to this, you instinctively begin to project positive energy and emotional balance back into all of the people into the store. You do this the entire time you’re there, and when you finally return to the safety of your own home from shopping, you are completely exhausted after expending all of that positive energy while taking in all of the negative energy.

Being an empath can be very draining physically, mentally, spiritually, and especially emotionally. Because of this, it’s very common for empaths to shut down all of their emotions or put up barriers to prevent themselves from being bombarded with wave after wave of emotional energy. It can also have effects that one would never suspect, such as night terrors or nightmares, insomnia, seeing gruesome scenes as though they were real, or hearing the screams of the dying or tormented or hearing voices calling to you. Some of these things are related to clinical insanity, yes. However, these are things that many born empaths have experienced at some point or another in their lives, all of which will be explained in the future.

Every empath has their own method of protecting themselves against overwhelming amounts of energy as well as their own ways of dealing with the energies they encounter. Some become hermits because they can’t handle the strain being such a person puts on their mental state. Some use it to their advantage, or someone else utilizes their unique talents for them. There are also those who will and have flipped the switch on their own emotions in order to protect themselves from all emotional energies because they feel that being what they are is nothing more than a curse. I myself had been protected by my mother who is also an empath, because until I was thirteen I didn’t even know what I was. I had never heard of the term “empath” until then. BluDragyn, who is also an empath, protects himself with self-made barriers and even learned how to alter his empathic abilities so that he may only feel when he chooses to feel, although some things still get through to him.

Everyone manages their empathic nature in their own way. Barriers are the most reliable way. Spiritual grounding will help keep yourself balanced in all aspects. Cleansings also work wonders. In later posts, I will be sure to teach some different ways of using these methods that are being mentioned. (My favorite is the salt water trick.)

This is the end of part one. Be sure to leave a comment or question or find me in the chat. I’m always open to PMs, and if I’m not available at that second, drop me an email at alicia@sacred-paths.net. I’ll be sure to answer anything you ask. Take care, everyone! Hearts galore! <3