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The Life of an Artist>>


The Artist. What makes one an Artist?>>

How you experience things>>

Colors, symbols, shapes, ideas, imagination, sound>>

All are involved.>>


The great ancient civilizations used symbols and images to communicate>>

So, Art has been with us all along>>

A way of communicating. The ethereal>>

Or maybe just the real>>


What sparks our minds>>

Needing to share an idea,>>

A feeling,>>

A sound>>



Symbols, they trigger us in deeper ways>>

Than simple words>>

Add a rhyme in word or sound or feeling>>

Like I’m doing here.>>


There’s so much to know that way>>

So much to share, that is,>>


Yes, an artist>>


Its not what we do>>

Its who we are>>

Creators, individuals,>>

Passion. Spirituality>>

All are involved>>


Our lives are stories our images>>

Maps to the unknown>>

Deep nether reaches of the end of the earth>>


Yes, the life of an artist.>>

Come view my stories>>



I often have lots of deep thoughts>>

Especially after a very emotional event>>

Today I have a few emotional events>>

Two from yesterday that were upsetting>>

And affect me today>>

One that will affect me tomorrow>>


The meridian line>>

What will it be like today>>

What will it bring>>


Thoughts running through my head>>

This is why I don’t work>>

Too much stress>>

Throws me for a loop>>


I need to walk Princess>>

That calms me >>

Helps us bond>>



Fair warning some subjective material infered

Screaming inside>>



Am I all alone>>


I have no one to talk to >>

I’m so mixed up>>

So many feelings I can’t sleep>>


Noises outside>>

Barking dogs then quiet, watching, waiting,>>

Fear palpable like a knife>>

Cutting deep in my heart>>


I need a gun>>

Resolve to get a gun>>


Quiet sleepy street>>

All gone. No cops called>>

Was a thought I had.>>


Daddy, where are you?>>

Your away so, >>

I’m on my own>>


I’ve always been on my own>>

I can handle it>>

I don’t really need anyone>>


But fear, mixed messages today.>>

Blame on me>>

It’s not my fault>>

Why is the abused always to blame>>


They trick us. Mindfuck us>>

We want to believe we can be close>>

Yeah right, only if you take the blame>>


Say you’re sorry>>

I’m not. I’m hurt>>

I was the one that was mistreated>>


My enemies don’t care>>

There life fell apart.>>

Mine was apart when I was with them>>

It’s over now>>

No turning back.>>

Never again>>





My Model>>

I grew to love you, admire you>>

Respect you>>

I was amazed at your leadership>>

Amazed at your peace>>

Amazed at your magick>>

I wanted to be just like you>>


I worked hard came to an >>

Understanding my life purpose was set.>>

Every day striving>>

Then ….>>


Boom! Crash! Boom!>>

Down you went>>

Down, Down, Down>>


The sound was deafening>>

With my ears ringing I turned>>

Saw you broken, hurting>>

But You didn’t go there I put you there>>


You were human all along>>

You had other qualities I did not know>>

Or maybe it wasn’t the qualities>>

It was the actions>>


Yes, the actions>>



My Hero>>


You warned me not to>>

Don’t, you said>>

Why didn’t I listen?>>

I thought I was wonder woman>>

It turns out my lasso>>

Of truth failed me>>

I didn’t even give you a chance to>>

Use your cape>>


Forgive me>>

I didn’t wait for the reserves>>

I went in full bodied>>

No armor>>

No shields>>

Just me>>


My strength knows no bounds>>

But there are chinks>>

Little fragile wedges>>

Flying by>>

Just tonight more than usual>>


Your cape would have saved me>>

Why didn’t I listen>>

You tried but I was too brave>>


Too foolhardy, you’d say>>