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What is a Curse?

What is a curse? This is a good question as there seems to be a misunderstanding as to what a curse really is. Simply put a curse is a spell or prayer that wishes something harmful to befall a person,… Continue Reading →


Ostara Ostara – Spring Equinox or Vernal Equinox – March 20th – 22nd in the northern hemisphere and September 20th – 22nd in the southern hemisphere. This is a time when night and day are of equal length. It is… Continue Reading →

What is Wicca and Why Choose It as Your Path?

What is Wicca and Why Choose It as Your Path? First for a bit of background information. Shamanism is thought to be the first religion and shamans the first with knowledge. They were the power wielders and medicine people. Through… Continue Reading →

Old Names for Herbs – A to Z

Old Names for Herbs – A to Z from various sources In the old days, herbalists and midwives didn’t use textbook botanical names for herbs. Medicinal and magical plants had colorful descriptive names. Often, old books about magic and herbal… Continue Reading →

Magical Associations of Herbs

Magical Associations of Herbs From various sources Activator – Dragon’s Blood, Mandrake, Mistletoe Admiration – Marigold Alleviate Pain of Pregnancy & Childbirth – Raspberry, Strawberry Animal Guides – Sage Animal Languages – Marigold Anointing – Acacia, Angelica, Carnation, Cinquefoil, Frankincense,… Continue Reading →

Magical Herbs & Their Uses

Magical Herbs & Their Uses From various sources This list is not complete but will give you a good idea of where to begin. It is comprised of a lot of research, study, and experimentation. Not all these herbs are… Continue Reading →


Imbolc Imbolc sometimes spelled Imbolg and pronounced as i-molk or i-molg, also known as Brigid’s Day or Oimelc – February 1st – or 1st Full Moon of Aquarius or when the Sun reaches 15 degrees in Aquarius in the Northern… Continue Reading →

Death, The Summerland and Reincarnation

Death, the Summerland & Reincarnation Though Wiccans don’t view death as an ending, we don’t celebrate it either. We see death as a transition from one form of existence to another. Yes, we mourn the death of loved ones and… Continue Reading →

The Meaning of the Three-Fold Law

The Meaning of the Three-Fold Law The Three-Fold Law, sometimes known as the Law of Return, is probably one of the most controversial of Wicca ethics, and is not embraced by everyone. Basically, it is saying that everything you do… Continue Reading →

Changing Paths and What is Expected

Changing Paths and What is Expected Do you have to give up your old religion and destroy all old symbols and stuff you have of it? You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but if you… Continue Reading →

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