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from various sources Samhain – Halloween – Oct. 31st or 1st Full Moon of Scorpio or when the Sun is 15 degrees in Scorpio in the Northern Hemisphere or May 1st or the 1st Full Moon of Taurus or when… Continue Reading →

The Goddess & God in Wicca

by Bunnyrabbit The Goddess and God are worshiped in many aspects in Wicca. First let’s look at some of the basic beliefs in how these two Deities are viewed. Many believe that the Goddess is a single entity and that… Continue Reading →


from various sources Mabon – Autumn Equinox (Sept. 20th – 22nd) for the Northern Hemisphere and (March 20th – 22nd) for the Southern Hemisphere. This, the second of the harvest Sabbats, is associated with the harvest of corn and other… Continue Reading →

Beginning Your Daily Worship of the Goddess and God

by Bunnyrabbit So, you’ve chosen to walk the Wicca path and to worship the Goddess and God, but how do you begin this path? This is a question that many beginners ask. Remember that this is a guide and not… Continue Reading →

How to Cleanse, Protect and Bless Your Home

by bunnyrabbit It is a good thing to cleanse your home from time to time. Harmful energies can build up even when your home life is not particularly stressful. Little things build up and can cause an accumulation of harmful… Continue Reading →

Blessing Oil

by Bunnyrabbit 1 part Cloves – Spiritual Vibrations 2 parts Rosemary – Cleansing 2 parts Parsley – Purification 2 parts Sage – Clears away the harmful energies Almond, Olive or Mineral Oils for Base Carrier oil Add dried herbs to… Continue Reading →

Wicca : Teens and Parents

by Bunnyrabbit “I want to practice Wicca but my parents won’t let me.” This is a very frequently heard statement from teens who wish to practice Wicca and other Pagan religions. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot that can be… Continue Reading →


Lughnasadh (pronounced LOO-nah-sah) – Lammas – usually celebrated August 1st or 1st Full Moon of Leo or when the Sun reaches 15 degrees relative in Leo in the Northern Hemisphere or February 1st or 1st Full Moon in Aquarius or… Continue Reading →

Setting up a Wiccan Altar

by Bunnyrabbit When you cast a magic circle, you are preparing it as an area in which you wish to invite the Deities to appear in. It is also the space created between the physical world and the spiritual. As… Continue Reading →


Litha Litha – Summer Solstice – Midsummer – June 20th – 22nd (in the Northern Hemisphere) or December 20th – 22rd (in the Southern Hemisphere) : This is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. The sun… Continue Reading →

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