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Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Wicca

GLOSSARY OF TERMS COMMONLY USED IN WICCA From various sources AKASHA – the spiritual ether (or Aether); the omnipresent fifth occult element which embraces the other four- earth, air, fire, and water; and from which they stem. This is the… Continue Reading →


Yule – Winter Solstice – Dec. 20th – 22nd (in the Northern Hemisphere) or June 20th – 22nd (in the Southern Hemisphere) : Yule is the longest night of the year. In the Teutonic Tradition, it is called Yuletide and… Continue Reading →

General Information About the Sabbats Celebrated by Wiccans

There are 8 Sabbats that are celebrated by Wicca and many Pagans in the year. They start with Yule and end with Samhain. Samhain is considered the end of the year or by some the New Year eve. Others say… Continue Reading →

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