Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What age is everyone on the chat? What is the minimum age of the chat?
A: Our ages range all over the place, however the minimum chat age is 16. With that, people are willing to help you if you are reading/studying and showing interest in the subject. Most people will also not take a student, and if they do, they most likely will require you to be 18+

Q: How do I become a witch?
A: Witchcraft is a practice. It is a series of skills which requires learning and practice just as much as becoming a teacher, historian, biologist, doctor, mechanic, etc. Most of the time we recommend starting with reading and learning on your own, and working with others after you have spent a good amount of time educating yourself on some of the history and traditions which encompass the practice. We do have a library on the site that has a lot of good reading materials to help you start as well as a beginner's list.

Q: How do I become a Wiccan?
A: Wicca is a religion, it is not witchcraft or magick of any kind. Although some groups or individuals within wicca do practice witchcraft, it is not necessary to the religious practice. It is recommended that if you want to join the wiccan religion, you should speak with a wiccan high-priest or high-priestess. We also have a beginner’s list available with reading material for those who do not have access to a high priest/priestess at this time and would still like to learn about the practice.

Q: Is there a witch gene? Are you born a witch?
A: There is no witch gene, you are not born a witch. Magick is a skill that is developed with time and practice, like all other skills. You may have a knack, but without practice, it's not honed.

Q: Are Vampires real? How do I become a Vampire? Are they immortal?
A: Vampires do exist, in both the psychic and sanguine(blood) varieties. They are not immortal of have any special powers to speak of (remember, magick is a skill). For more information on them I would recommend visiting http://sanguinarius.org/ or their chat room which can be found from http://irc.sanguinarius.org . We are not a vampire support website, they are.

Q: Are werewolves/lycanthropes real? How do I become a werewolf?
A: No, they are not “real” in the way that people transform at will/on the full moon to become a wolf physically. Lycanthrope lore as we know it comes from Latin observation on Norse Tradition, but also can be found in other shamanic practices around the world. In the practice of the Norse Úlfhéðnar, lit. Wolf-coats, they donned wolf skins and went into shamanic trances while also performing other acts to take on the hamr, lit. shape/skin in Old Norse, of a wolf. Doing this skipta hömum, lit. changing hamr, would allow these warriors to become as mad as dogs to fight, but they would not change physically. In addition, some newer (Post Christianization of Europe mainly) lore regarding werewolves (and lycans subsequently) is derived from various mental conditions and drug fueled (usually mushrooms or ergot from bad bread) states wherein the victim of the condition believes they are wolf and goes on a rampage. In short, to become a werewolf, you should look into shamanic practices throughout the world. It will not make you immortal, powerful, or a “badass”, and is still a skill. We do not advocate the use of psychedelic drugs for these practices and will not be held responsible if you decide to use this as an excuse to break any laws whatsoever.

Q:Will [random, odd spell] I found on the internet/in a book/I bought work?
A: No. Not if you do it. Especially not if you have to ask. Magick is a skill, what you found (or bought) are a set of tools you yet know how to use properly. With practice and time, you can make your own spells that will work, and work much better.

Q: I was/have been/think I have been cursed/hexed/etc., how can I tell? What can I do about it?
A: You probably haven’t been cursed if you don’t know that you have been cursed. If you know that you have been cursed, but don’t know exactly how that curse was performed, then there is nothing anyone can do to help you. Usually, forgetting that you ever had a curse to begin with is enough to break the curse. If you want a clear mind on it though, do some cleansing work, like smudging or bathes. If you know that you have been cursed, and know exactly how that curse was performed, then you have a good idea on how to undo it. Do the ritual in reverse, burn the objects, or do a song and dance as the tradition requires. If the tradition doesn’t specify, do all three (it can’t hurt after all.)

Q: I want to practice white/black magick! How do I go about it?
A: Most people who have studied witchcraft/magick do not ascribed to having colors for magick in the sense of it being “black” or “white”. Most see magick as colorless due to even something considered “white” magick being used for something “evil”, and vice versa. In terms of what you want to practice, really just searching around and reading will almost always point you in the direction you want to go.

Q: What websites do you recommend?
A: http://www.sacred-paths.net

Q: Do you worship the Devil?
A: No.

Q: Do Satanists worship the devil?
A: No. LaVeyan Satanism (Anton LaVey being the founder of the Church of Satan) is a practice of rejection to all gods and deities. It is a practice of adversarialism which is atheistic at it’s core. And yes, Satanism also mocks pagan deities and practices as well as Christian ones.

Q: Do you have to contract with the Devil to become a witch/How do I make a contract with the Devil?
A: See “How do I become a witch?” above. The same answer applies to all forms of magickal contracts with any beings of any kind or political/ideological/moral alignment.

Q: Are spirits/entities/gods/goddesses/deities/djinn/peri/fairies/fae/goblins/demons/devils/aliens/satan/spirit animals/giants/angels/past lives/future lives/reincarnation/dinosaurs/shadow people/hatmen /ghosts/timelords/the italian mafia/the russian mafia/the hipster mafia/the deep state/Karma/the Australian mafia/the ghost mafia/bigfoot/littlefoot/swamp ape/keith richards real?
A: People’s thoughts differ on this and depending on who you talk to you will get different answers. We recommend you develop your own thoughts on the topic by studying and practicing rather than by taking a straw poll.

Q: Is [Insert being not listed in above question] real?
A: May or may not be. The above answer still applies, though to be safe you should also study it first, so you know how to deal with them properly. That goes for any kind of being/entity.

Q: Why are you pagan?
A: People choose to become pagan for many different reasons, usually personal.

Q: How do you become a pagan/find a god to follow?
A: Paganism is defined as “a religion other than one of the main world religions, specifically a non-Christian or pre-Christian religion”, so really if you do any of that you’re a pagan. In terms of following a specific pantheon or god(s), that will also make you a pagan if you choose to call yourself as such. In terms of finding a god or gods, sometimes just worshiping/honoring different ones you feel drawn to works. Other times, a god will come to you, but it isn’t always the case and if it doesn’t happen, that is okay. Here are some links to different sites that describe pantheons and gods: https://pantheon.org/ https://www.rationalresponders.com/a_big_list_of_gods_but_nowhere_near_all_of_them http://thepaganjourney.weebly.com/pantheons.html

Q: How do you know you’re not just crazy?
A: A crazy person doesn’t know they are crazy. I know I am crazy, therefore I am not crazy. Crazy isn’t it?

Q: I was looking for someone more experienced to help me, can you?
A: If you are below the age of 16 we will not help you in any way shape or form. Sorry, there are laws against us on that one. If you are below the age of 18 we will provide you with our publicly available reading materials, and some may help you but it is up to the person. If you are 18 or older we will expect you to act like an adult and do appropriate research, study, and practice for yourself. But we might help you if you are looking for reading materials or have questions relating to information that is well studied or within your experience.

Q: I don’t know anything but tell me what I’m supposed to do please!?
A: Sadly, we do get this. If you need that much help, just take a deep breath and try the beginner's list or strike up a conversation in chat. We can always provide basic materials, but your path in the beginning and end is always yours. No one else can walk it for you.

Q: How do I shapeshift?
A: See “Are werewolves/lycanthropes real? How do I become a werewolf?”

Q: Can someone help me find my spirit animal? Can someone help me find my totem?
A: No. Even in the traditions with them, that is an incredibly personal journey to be taken on your own. Usually by going out into the woods for several days. Try camping or getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life/a city or town.

Q: Can someone perform/help with a love spell?
A: No. For most of us who hear that, it implies bending someone's free will to your own, which is a huge no no. Also we do not cast spells for others.

Q: Can you help me find my path?
A: That is your decision, not ours. We have several books available which detail a lot of paths you can take, and the best way to decide is to learn about the different paths available to you. You do this through research and study, and finding what suits you best. Paths are also incredibly personal, and no one can walk it for you.

Q: Can you teach me magick?
A: Yes we can, but no, we won’t. We can help guide, but most of us are not teachers nor are willing to teach.

Q: How can I find a coven?
A: http://www.witchvox.com/ is a good resource for finding covens, though it is somewhat outdated. For one that isn’t, there is http://www.meetups.com or even http://www.facebook.com. However we would recommend you visit a local pagan shop, bookstore, or even college campus in order to find your groups. They’ll often be closer to you, will have more updated information, and may be safer than just meeting random strangers. As always, be safe when meeting with people, if you don’t know how to safely meet with people you should learn that before looking to join a coven (We will not be held responsible if something happens to you because of your decision making skills, or for any other reason for that matter).

Q: Can you help me get an ex back?
A: No. for more information see “Can someone perform/help with a love spell?”

Q: Help my boy/girlfriend left me help me get them back
A: No. See above.

Q: Can you perform a revenge spell for me?
A: Some could but no, we will not.

Q: Can you fly?
A: Many people here may prefer not to due to our collections and the general expenses of flying, but we can absolutely fly. The methods we fly include but are not limited to American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and Frontier Airlines. If you mean on brooms, in the form of a bat, naked, or on any floor decoration, cooking utensil, or cleaning apparatus then sadly no, we can not.

Q: What gods do you worship?
A: Not everyone on the site worships/honors gods, a god, or are even religious. That again can be personal to each person.

Q: I have [x psychic/magical/mystical ability], does that mean I am a witch?
A: No, it means you might have a bit of talent. Don’t let it go to your head, though, magick is a skill and not a special gift. No one will like you more if you talk about your special power, especially when it can be learned in an hour. Talent without practice as well is useless, so just cause you have it doesn’t mean you can slack if you want to get good at it.

Q: Have you ever astral traveled/Had an Out of Body Experience/Had a near death experience? What was it like? Can you teach me how?
A: Probably, many of us have had experiences relating to one or more of those experiences, but the content of those experience is personal and usually not for others to know. As for teaching, there are guides online that are useful, and many different methods you can try from said guides.

Q: How do I undo a spell?
A: See “I was/have been/think I have been cursed/hexed/etc. ,how can I tell? What can I do about it?”, If you casted it though, there’s nothing anyone can do, not even you.

Q: Does Telepathy exist?
A: Yes, but it’s not like in movies.

Q: Does Empathy exist?
A: Yes, in both ways. Usually, empathy can be a hindrance to the person who has it sadly.

Q: How do I get powers?/ What are the powers of a witch?/ What type of magick do you do?
A: Magick is a skill, not a power. Witchcraft is a magickal practice. If we want to discuss what we do, we will. But, we do not have to. It is personal, and not all are comfortable sharing that.