Disclaimer: Crystals will NOT make you good at something. They are merely amplifiers that can help you get to a certain state with meditation or help ground you, but they will not do the job for you. They will also not make you become more skilled or a “master” at something as well. Also, this is not to be taken as fact as most things metaphysically based. You may find some things to work differently and even things completely against this guide.

This is a basic guide on how to use crystals. There are many different kinds of crystals, and no two crystals are alike, even if they are both the same kind. Here are a couple sites that contain a large list of crystals and their metaphysical properties: Crystal VaultsHealing Crystals, and Feel Crystals

Crystals are great tools that you can utilize if you see fit. But, if wish to use them but do not know how, this is the guide for you. Here are a couple different ways they can be used.

  1. Meditation
  2. Charging
  3. Daily Wear
  4. Rituals

They of course are not limited to this list. But, with that, crystals can sometimes be tricky to use depending on how you may come to view them. Some may find that they resonate relatively well with you and even your goals, while others may find that for whatever reason they don’t seem to want to work. With that, depending on your path, you may find that crystals have a frequency and a vibration to them that you must match to even get their full potential. This will be covered more in Daily Wear. First, let us go over how they can be used in meditation.

In terms of meditation, a crystal can be used as a focal point or even amplifier. They can be quite useful in grounding, shielding, and just general trance work. To use it, you simply hold it or have it on your person when meditating. Having the stone in mind but not necessarily focusing on it can help deepen or obtain the state you are aiming for. For this, its best to get a stone that correlates to meditation or grounding, but a familiar stone will work as well.

For Charging and its correlation, click HERE.

Next is Daily Wear. There are some benefits to be had from wearing a stone daily, or even just having it on your person. Sadly, if you have found or ascribe to crystals having a frequency or vibration, you may not be getting the full “effect” from them. The easiest and best way to get the full effect is to simply just wear it for an extended period of time. This does not mean you have to wear it continuously, as in wearing it into the shower or at bed, more just for the majority of the day you have it close or on you. Doing this “overwrites” the crystals own energy with your own essentially and making the crystal match your own frequency and vibration. For witches, using them in rituals can also help make the crystal more in tune. Doing this allows the crystal to be much more harmonious with you and able to get the full benefits of what the stone can offer, which includes but is not limited to grounding, shielding, being balanced, warding away negativity, and the like.

In terms of rituals, there is no right or wrong way to really use them. If you do rituals, it may help to include crystals if it works with your path.