Smudging can be used for a variety of things such as a general cleansing of negativity, spirit banishment, and purification.

It is best to use White Sage, but if you cannot use that, Lavender, Red Cedar (Eastern Juniper), or Sweetgrass will also work almost as well. If you do not have any of those either/cannot get them easily, most herbs such as Rosemary, Basil, and the like will work in a pinch. Note: Sweetgrass is also used for making a sacred space. Here are the steps:

  1. Light the smudge stick on fire. If the flame does not go out, put it out till it is just smoldering.
  2. Wave the smoke around and/or through your area, room, home, yourself, objects, etc to purify them. Have positive thoughts and a clear intention of your goal. If it also helps, visualize the smoke cleansing negativity away.
  3. If necessary, use something to direct the smoke. This can be a feather, your hand, a fan, etc.
  4. Put the smudge stick out completely when finished or let it burn up.

Some may bury it after or reuse the smudge stick. Whatever works for you is best. With that, some may like to chant when doing it. Whatever feels right for you when doing this is more than okay: it is your ritual in a sense, change it to whatever suites your needs! This is just a simple beginners guide, so when you get more comfortable doing it, you can try out many different methods to get the results you want.